Artist proposal: Dominic Laporte

Title: Soaring Aves

My updated concept for this project is based on the idea of living in the present moment and instilling a sense of comradery, empathy, and support of local initiatives. The design is a dynamic depiction of four different species of birds; The House Finch, Chipping Sparrow, Mountain Bluebird and the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, all of which are indigenous to Southern Ontario and the Kingston region. The choice behind these individual species presents the diversity between each represented family of bird in a distinct way, which in this concept represents a different pillar of sustainability: Social, Cultural, Economic, and Environmental.

The birds are placed within a surreal landscape, all working together to mend the break in the rope, which they are all carrying a length of, symbolizing the strength in community support to resolve the ongoing challenges of sustainability in all sectors. This design has been adapted to the new given dimensions of the space, refined to emphasize the dynamic poses of each bird and strengthen the visibility of the entire image from the street level.

Ultimately, my vision behind this concept design was developed with the surrounding neighbourhood in mind. Aesthetically, I aimed for the imagery to embody the energy, diversity, and strong community values that are ever present in ‘The Hub’. The various connections to the given themes presented in a contemporary style will have the power to transcend the space and highlight this new residential build, inviting people of all generations to appreciate the artwork.

A tall grey building with a colourful mural painted on the side.

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