Artist proposal: Peru Dyer Jalea

Title: Moment in the City

My work aims to heal, inspire and uplift people’s spirits by transforming neglected and often oppressive spaces into safe, playful, and imaginative worlds. My style is marked by a puzzle-like use of simple geometric shapes, clean parallel lines, and a use of coexisting primary colours evocative of the simplicity of childhood. Through reworking simple symmetry and bright graphic elements into complex patterns, my work evokes a feeling of meditative uplifting wonder.

I particularly enjoy breaking the monotony of the dull city landscape with as much colour as I can to give the viewers a break from their daily routine and invite them into their own imagination. I hope to catch their attention and take them away from their routines and daily concerns and offer a safe place within themselves where they can get lost in meditation as they discover something new every time they dive into the mural. Coming from a graffiti background, my work is rooted in lettering as a foundation and then polished through a process of intuitive restructuring to custom fit the spaces I am invited to beautify. Legible enough for people to find it in time, the subtly written “KINGSTON” invites the community to continue developing a sense of pride with a new landmark and tourist destination.

Ultimately, my purpose is to create works that communicate the need to rise above our differences by understanding the interconnectedness of all living things. This theme has always been present in my practice and education as, I believe, is the most important message we need to promote in order to be able to properly care and value each other.

A tall grey building with a bright mural painted on the side.

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