How can I influence the City’s budget?

    We need your input. You can share your thoughts and ideas in a number of ways: 

    How is the City spending my property tax dollars?

    There are more than 70 public services that are funded through the budget, from public safety (fire and police) to transportation services, like roads, sidewalks, pathways and trails and transit, to community services such as parks and recreation, arts and culture, libraries, social services, and planning and development. 

    Learn more about the 2021 budgets by consulting the City’s budget overviews and watching budget deliberations. 

    Learn more about how your property tax dollars are spent by watching this short video.  

    What are Council’s Priorities for the 2022 Budget?

    Budgets are developed based on Council's direction for providing municipal services to the community every day. They also support the strategic priorities as set by Council: 

    • Demonstrate leadership on climate action 
    • Increase housing affordability  
    • Improve walkability, roads and transportation 
    • Strengthen economic development and opportunities
    • Foster healthy citizens and vibrant spaces

    Learn more about the City of Kingston’s guiding principles and strategic priorities by reviewing the Kingston Strategic Plan 2019-2022.

    What is the difference between the operating and capital budgets?

    Operating budgets outline estimates for revenues and expenditures associated with the operations of City services for the fiscal year. The approved operating budget shows what the City will spend on programs and services such as transit, garbage and recycling collection, parks, recreation programs and road maintenance. The City produces annual operating budgets as well as three-year operating forecasts.

    The capital budget outlines the City’s plans to fund/support capital assets like buses, snowplows, buildings, streets, pathways and other infrastructure that support the delivery of programs and services. Capital budgets include costs and related sources of funding to maintain, replace and refurbish these kinds of assets over their useful lives. The City maintains 15-year capital budgets and funding models.