What are the potential costs for the City?

    Potential costs for the City will likely include signage replacement and other published / constructed naming materials (e.g., road signs, plaques, City documents, etc.)

    What are the associated costs for residents and business owners with regards to a road name change?

    It is recognized that a road name change for a property is inconvenient and can cause temporary hardship. The City is reviewing the potential costs associated with the road renaming. The proposed renaming will require properties along the City-owned portion of Highway 15 to change the name portion of their civic address. The civic number portion of the properties’ addresses will remain the same.

    Does the City have guidelines for road renaming within the municipality?

    The City of Kingston Civic Addressing and Road Naming Bylaw Number 2005-98 has provisions which govern road naming within the City, including that any proposed name shall be pleasant sounding, easily recognizable, and capable of clear pronunciation by the average individual. The use of historic names should be encouraged. Road names that duplicate any existing names within the City, neighbouring municipalities and the 9-1-1 service area should be avoided. These road-naming conventions shall be considered during the public consultation process for the renaming of the City-owned portion of Highway 15.

    What are the impacts of the road name change?

    Staff has had the opportunity to conduct a technical review with City departments (e.g. engineering, transit, tax and revenue, etc.), external agencies (e.g. Canada Post, Bell Canada, Hydro One, etc.) and emergency services providers (e.g., Kingston Fire & Rescue, Kingston Police, Kingston Central Ambulance Communications Centre) to understand any potential impacts that may be associated with the road name change.  Staff will report back to council on the comments received as part of the technical review, associated costs and the results of the public consultation in spring 2019.