Indigenous Consultation - 'What We Heard' Summary

Tuesday, April 30, 2024, from 12:00 pm to 2:30pm – Kingston Community Health Centre, 263 Weller Avenue

Approximately 10 people attended an engagement session for Indigenous community members held in cooperation with Kingston Native Centre and Language Nest (KNCLN).

Purpose of the event

To provide an opportunity for members of the local Indigenous community and others to discuss the North King’s Town Secondary Plan. The discussion was organized around the updated materials for Phase 2 of the Secondary Plan, with particular focus on the Cultural Heritage, Land Use and Transportation plans.

What you told us…

Belle Park and Belle Island:

  • The community does not differentiate between Belle Park and Belle Island, they are both important places to the Indigenous community.

  • The population increase resulting from the proposed redevelopments within NKT will increase use of Belle Park and access to Belle Island.

  • Belle Park must be protected from the introduction of new park infrastructure (e.g., dog parks, playgrounds, etc.) as this would negatively impact the ancestral burial sites that have been confirmed in the area.

Protection of Environmental Protection Areas/Open Space/Wildlife:

  • We need to ensure that the Environmental Protection Areas remain protected through future redevelopment of the area.

  • There are concerns with certain wetland species being negatively impacted by future development, especially turtle and fish populations.

  • Community members would like more transparency related to the environmental studies within the brownfields. This includes the type and number of contaminants present and a clear publicly available remediation plan, including which organizations will be responsible for various actions.

  • There needs to be more access to green space that is publicly accessible to improve food sovereignty.

  • It is important that parks are being contemplated as part of future redevelopment as no new park space appears to be included as part of the updated materials.

  • The protection of all forms of wildlife must be considered as proposed development is guaranteed to displace animals inhabiting these areas. Future developments should include artificial wildlife habitats, such as bird platforms and wildlife corridors.

  • Open space areas must be protected from development.

  • Trees must be protected as redevelopment occurs in the area as this will assist with protecting the existing wildlife in the area.


  • There is a need for affordable housing to be included as part of the proposed 7,300 new homes being identified for the Intensification Areas.

  • Additional housing opportunities are supported but must be kept outside of the waterfront, Environmentally Protected Areas and Open Spaces found in the area.

  • It will be important to ensure a range of housing opportunities are provided to existing and future residents.

  • There are concerns that redevelopment will lead to gentrification and displace lower income families out of the area. There is a need to include policy and incentives that prevent displacement as the NKT area begins to build out.

Building Heights/Design:

  • The proposed plans need to ensure that trees are contemplated, and birds are protected.

  • The City should include design guidelines to minimize impacts of tall buildings on wildlife, especially migratory bird patterns.

  • More “greenery” needs to be incorporated to mitigate "heat islands" that affect our most vulnerable community members. This can be in the form of additional green spaces, green roofs, little forests, community gardens and/or more tree canopy around paved areas.

Community/Transportation Infrastructure:

  • There is concern that the new residential units will stress the existing community infrastructure, described as libraries, community centres and other social 3rd spaces. New community spaces will be required to support the growing community.

  • There needs to be areas where the land is safe enough to grow food on.

  • There was support of the proposed reduced 40km/h speed limit areas, especially along Rideau Street.

  • General support for the proposed active transportation maps, especially the improvements to cycling infrastructure.

Next steps:

The Indigenous Engagement was the second of two engagement events held in 2024 for the NKT Secondary Plan. The other event was an Open House held on April 10, 2024 and included a separate engagement summary. Feedback from all of the engagement events will be used to finalize the draft studies being done as part of the secondary plan.

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