Bench, Bike Rack, and Parking Location Survey

The reconstruction of Princess Street is entering its fourth and final phase with work being performed in the blocks from Clergy Street to Division Street. The design elements of the project draw from the streetscape recommendations of the Downtown Action Plan (2004), which describe how to best fit pedestrian and vehicle uses within the right of way. This includes wide sidewalks and boulevard areas for amenities.

With the need to keep a wide, clear path for pedestrian use, the boulevard space alternates between on street parking areas and pedestrian areas that contain a mix of planters, bicycle posts, waste and recycling receptacles and street benches.

Please review the information and provide your comments by Feb. 28, 2018.

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This survey is related to the proposed location and placement of street benches and bike racks and the type of parking spaces. Viable locations for benches and bike racks are restricted by the need to maintain a clear pedestrian path. This path must fit in with the other amenities and existing and future transit stop and patio locations that occupy a portion of the right of way. Parking locations must also conform to accessibility standards while maintaining useful configurations for both pedestrians and business owners.