Why is this bylaw needed?

    KFR has witnessed a steady increase in calls surrounding open-air burning, and unsafe open-air burning practices. It anticipates it will exceed 250 calls in 2020. This signifies a 75 per cent increase in response calls from 2015.

    Will open-air burning still be permitted in the City under this proposed bylaw?

    Yes, open-air burning would still be permitted. Residents will have information in advance and will be required to follow bylaw regulations.

    When would the bylaw take effect?

    If adopted by Council, KFR is recommending that an Open-Air Burning Bylaw take effect on Jan. 1, 2021.

    I have an approved appliance under the current operating guideline. Will I still be able to use it if this new bylaw comes into effect?

    If you have an approved open-air burning appliance, like a chiminea, with a spark arrestor and you meet the regulations outlined in the bylaw, you will be able to enjoy it.

    Why is a permit fee being proposed?

    It has been shown that public education is one of the most effective methods for reducing fires. Fees collected through open-air permitting will be invested into public education. Department staff is currently exploring the feasibility of erecting digital signage in key locations that could feature both fire prevention and emergency management messages. 

    Does this include fireworks?

    The proposed bylaw would not apply to fireworks. 

    How were regulations in the bylaw developed?

    KFR developed regulations in the bylaw following extensive research into how other municipalities regulate open-air burning, and taking into account Kingston's own needs.