October → November 2021

Public engagement

October 23 2021

In-person idea sharing drop-in at City Park

Stop by the former location of the statue in City Park on October 23, 1-4 p.m. where you can see the space and share ideas about future installations, programming and interpretive elements.

November 15 2021

Online Working Session for future installations and interpretative ideas for City Park

Join an online session, 4-6pm on November 15, to share ideas and input about any future installations for the space at City Park. Registration for this session is required and can be completed using the link below.


October 12 → November 30 2021

Small Group Meetings with Indigenous Community Members and Organizations

There will be 10 small group meetings with local Indigenous community members and organizations. These sessions will be facilitated by First Peoples Group and will be focused on three key areas:

  1. a focused and facilitated discussion on the relocation of the statue to Cataraqui Cemetery; 
  2. a focused and facilitated discussion on interpretive ideas for the prior location of the statue in City Park; and 
  3. a focused and facilitated discussion on community-city protocol development and how best to form an advisory council or committee to work with the City on initiatives of shared interest moving forward.

If you are an Indigenous community member and are interested in joining a small group meeting please email Melissa at First Peoples Group who can help with meeting dates, times and registration. Email melissaatfirstpeoplesgroup.com