Waaban Crossing Visual Identity

Following the announcement of the bridge's community-selected name, Waaban Crossing, a request for proposals was launched, inviting proposals to develop brand guidelines for a visual identity. Through an internal staff working group and public engagement, the Waaban Crossing visual identity was developed to represent the new bridge and stories of Indigenous Peoples in the region.

Waaban Crossing logo. A large, multi-coloured ‘W’ next to the words: Waaban Crossing. In smaller type below: Reflect. Connect. Flow.

The visual identity is a combination of colours, fonts and visual elements that create a cohesive image in the viewers’ minds to remind them of the feelings and experiences they’ve had at the Waaban Crossing, as well as the symbolism of the bridge as a place of healing and reconciliation, community connection, and the meaning and intention of the name.

It is inspired by the shapes of the Waaban Crossing arches and its relationship to the water, the land and the people who will use it. The swooping shapes look like two birds flying together and light reflecting off water. The colours are reminiscent of a sunrise over water. The green on the far left represents the green wall on the west side of the Waaban Crossing.

What does a visual identity do?

The visual identity will be integrated into interpretive and directional signage, planning for future artistic installations, as well as the continued development of educational, community-based programming. We will share more in 2023-2024 as we invite the community to take part in engagement opportunities.

The Waaban Crossing visual identity includes a tagline that helps to tell the story of the bridge, the history of the land around us, the people and animals that are here now, those who have come before, and those who will come after us. Each word connects to a different relationship or action for those who are in and around the crossing, an invitation to “reflect”, “connect” and “flow”. Here’s a closer look at what it means:


As we move along the crossing and take in its natural setting, whether on foot, by bike, or by car, we are reminded that many people share this land. We must also acknowledge our collective responsibility to care for it.


The crossing helps us come together on a deeper level as we learn a more complete version of our area’s history. It opens the door to understanding, respect, and stronger relationships – between communities, individuals and the environment.


Just as the water flows under the bridge and through our region, the crossing encourages us to move together. When we work together, we are powerful and healing. We are able to build a better, more sustainable future for everyone.

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