Analysis of potential environmental effects

10 months ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Description of the potential project-environmental effects and cumulative effects, including air quality, noise and vibration, surface water, navigation and aesthetic value.

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  • LorneCo 10 months ago
    This bridge needs to be completed, the causeway is in dire need of replacement, I suspect that it will be able to be replaced once the third crossing is in place. These delays are just causing more expense just get on with it. The only access to a close hospital from the east end is available via the causeway and the 401. Time matters in a life or death scenario. In the end this bridge could lower the carbon foot print, there will be a proper bike lane that will attach to bike paths that will allow access to downtown and no more burning gas while sitting in traffic. Also shorter distance to shopping, this means that they don't have to build more commercial space on the east side.
  • Vollick 11 months ago
    Air Quality going to be about the same cause the number of cars travelling across the rideau going to be the same just spread out over three crossing not two now
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    • cchiddle 10 months ago
      Or a bit reduced as there will be less idling or stop and go during busy times, when the Causeway is up etc.
  • Annabelsmills 11 months ago
    As we have just heard that we have lost 30% of our bird population in North America, it seems sad that we are taking away more of their habitat to suit human beings. Jane Jacobs also said to expand road ways means to expand the number of people who use cars. I know that it is frustrating for people driving to work, but it is disappointing that expanding on wet lands is our chosen solution.