Description of environmental components

10 months ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Outline of the Greater Cataraqui Marsh, fish and fish habitat, migratory birds and habitat, species at risk, water quality, aquatic wildlife, aquatic vegetation, cultural landscape and other geo-environmental conditions.

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  • hillaby 10 months ago
    I think the City should also be talking to local groups that are more familiar with the local Cataraqui River like Turtles Kingston and the Kingston Field Naturalists . During construction it might a good time to improve areas within the building zone possibly removing invasive species both on the shoreline and in the river.I would also like to see the bridge design tweaked a little to draw nature to it. The bridge could have osprey/eagle platforms on the bridge structure. The bridge abutments at the footings could incorporate cribs for fish or aggregate for turtle nesting sites.If some wildlife could consider the crossing habitat it would only enhance the beauty of this structure.
  • laurapacifica 10 months ago
    I have not seen evidence that the team has seriously engaged with the profound 2011 report by the Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs. This report insists that we must think of the bridge as "a visitor to the river and the land, rather than its owner. Standing against the natural flow of water, disturbing the river's bed, and occupying the home of all the life the river supports, the bridge would not be able to help being an intruder. Our challenge is to constantly consider how to minimize that intrusion" (17). I am not convinced that bridge proponents are taking this seriously. 80,000 tonnes of rock in the river? Years of construction and disrupting of habitat? Ongoing noise and no doubt dirt and salt draining into the river? I suggest we need to think seriously and holistically about how the city's health is related to the health of the river. We have already damaged it a great deal, but this is not an excuse to damage it further.
  • LorneCo 10 months ago
    It's interesting that the 401 bridge over the Cataraqui is being expanded to three lanes in each direction and I have not heard of any talk of environmental studies or impact on the environment. Does no one seem to be questioning how that will have an effect on the river? At least we are doing environmental assessments on the third crossing, we are being cautious but it's time to build the bridge. I believe due diligence has been done.
  • Vollick 11 months ago
    Yes all that is important but we need this built now not delayed !!!